Our Partners

We work with industry leading partners to ensure you have the best fit solution for your IT needs. We will select the most appropriate partner during our network design phase. A selection of our partners are listed below.

Our partner : Vipre - Anti VirusVipre

VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is our leading home antivirus protection software. It combines powerful antivirus and anti-spyware technologies with other advanced security features, including automated patching of vulnerable software programs on your PC, a firewall to stop malicious web traffic, an anti-spam filter, bad website blocker and more without slowing down your PC.

Our partner : KasperskyKaspersky

A commercial antivirus system for PCs and servers. This can be scaled to fit any size of organisation from 1 PC upwards. The software is constantly updated to guard against the latest threats. The software licences for each PC can be controlled from a central server ensuring your business stays protected.

PS4B Email Security

A leading provider of email services. PS4B Email Security collects, securely stores and distributes all of your emails to your business. The PS4B Email Security system is linked to numerous spam databases and is constantly checking your emails for spam prior to delivery.

Our partner : WatchGuardWatchguard

Watchguard provides mid-sized businesses with a high degree of protection for their network traffic. The Watchguard solution involves additional hardware sitting alongside other key components in your network helping to keep it safe from malicious attacks.

PS4B Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We provide solutions for back-up and archiving of files along with a wide range of other network security products.

Our partner : HP Business PartnerHP Business Partner

We use HP technology for many of our PC and server requirements. HP has proven to be a releiable and durable hardware platform for a customers over the past 10 years.