Computer Support

The essential piece of equipment for any employee is their PC.  The health of this PC is critical to that person delivering their role.

PS4B provides computer support services in Coventry and the midlands to help businesses ensure the PCs in their networks are up to the job.  This means the hardware is suitable for the task required. The software is legal and up to date, the PC is virus check regularly and any faults are dealt with promtly

PC Hardware

Hardware changes quickly and you can always buy a better PC for the same money.


The software could be standard packages such as Sage or MS office or perhaps bespoke packages for your company.  Software licences also need to be logged and monitored.

Virus Checkers

It’s important to make sure the virus checker for all PCs is up to date and has the latest list of virises.  using a centralised server can greatly help this process

Computer Support

Reacting to issues as they arise to ensure the computers are kept running.