Installation Services

PS4B’s professional, efficient approach to onsite installation, ensures the right solution is implemented with minimal downtime

Having designed a network to meet your requirements the next phase is to install and test the network.  This element very much depends on existing infrastructure such as cabling and the extent of the network to be delivered (numbers of servers and PCs).

We start the project considering the cabling within the building.  Obviously the most important aspect is the connection to the outside world, the broadband link to your business.  The broadband connection needs to be routed through to the PCs on the network using routers, switches and servers as required.  These pieces of networking equipment need to all be configured and interconnected via patch panels or interconnecting cables.

Once the network infrastructure has been configured we will begin to add PCs to the network.  Each PC will need to have appropriate software added before being set-up and checked. This approach to delivering infrastructure and upgrades is often needed where companies have decided to move their operations or a business needs to cater for growth either on an existing site or expanding to a new site.

PS4B has delivered a number of end to end projects involving cabling, servers, broadband solutions and multi PC networks.  With expert advice and professional project management throughout, PS4B will implement your IT solutions efficiently with minimal downtime for your business.