PC Networks & PC Repair

Don’t let PC problems slow your business down.

PC Networks

As any small business grows the number of PCs used increases, and new requirements to work more collaboratively emerge. Some of the common issues experienced by business that have grown in this way include:

  • File sharing and use of shared printers is often adhoc and slow
  • Files stored on each computer are generally not backed-up, or accessible if an employee is absent
  • Antivirus tends to be set-up on each individual computer making it hard to keep track of updates and renewals

For small networks of 10 PCs and less, the ideal solution is to connect the PC’s as a peer to peer network. It is possible to set-up a network using existing computer wiring or wireless connections. At the heart of the network will be a router and / or switch which allows all of the computers to interconnect.  The software on each computer is set-up to allow them to share files.  It is also possible to add a central file sharing box, often referred to as a NAS box to the centre of the network.  With a network solution email, Antivirus, Anti-spam, shared printers, file sharing, software and other business needs will be considered and form part of the recommended solution,

PS4B will audit your business needs before recommending the right solution.

PC Repair

  • PS4B provide our support clients with a comprehensive system repair service which is covered by our support agreement (excluding parts which are chargeable)
  • For non-support clients PS4B can provide a similar service but without the guaranteed response times.
  • PS4B will examine the fault, isolate the issue and conduct a cost effective repair.
  • Where a system is deemed as un-repairable or not cost effective then we would provide a quotation to replace the system with an alternative solution.
  • The PS4B team have many years’ experience in fault finding and repairing a full varied range of systems.