Spam & Anti Virus

Every business that has internet access or uses email is at risk from potential spam, phishing and viruses. Reliable spam and anti-virus protection is a must.

Email communication is now recognised as a business critical application. A slowdown or even breakdown of your email service can affect how customers view your company’s competency. Email failure can also result in lost orders and lost business. So why not give your email service the best possible support and protection. PS4B offers a range of email solutions to improve efficiency and safe delivery. We will devise a package that meets your developing business requirements.

PS4B recommend Kaspersky, Vipre and Watchguard products, providing powerful anti-virus and anti-spyware software. They also offer other advanced security features. These include automated patching of vulnerable software programs on your PC. The software can also offer a firewall to stop malicious web traffic, an anti-spam filter and a bad website blocker. All this can be achieved without slowing down your PC’s.

All solutions can be scaled to fit any size of organisation from one PC upwards.  We will add fully-integrated protection for storage, virtualisation, file servers, mobile devices, mail and internet gateways.